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Fabulous Flipcharts Workshops - now booking

Course Info:

Are your flipcharts letting you down?

Do any off these concerns sound familiar?

  • Are they easy to read?
  • Are they straight?
  • Are my diagrams clear?
  • Do they look professional?

If you regularly use flipcharts in you work these issues can have a huge impact on the efffectiveness of your charts and consequently your whole process.

If you would like to improve your flipchart skills and confidence, this workshop will guide you through all the elements of producing meaningful, memorable flipcharts.

You will learn and practise all of the key principles, before learning how to integrate them into a coherent, professional whole that really supports your process.

With feedback to develop your skills and style in ways that are most appropriate for you.

Outline Agenda:
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Warm-up exercises
  • The principles
  • Materials and resources
  • Tips, tricks and trouble-shooting
  • Questions and clinic

Future Courses:

Drop me a line if you’re interested and I’ll let you know when the workshop is available:

  • Your Visual Story
  • Visionboards
  • Doing it digitally

Workshops are also available as a private or in-house workshop. Please contact me for details.