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“You’ve covered exactly what we were after, which was not easy! And you’ve surpassed out expectations. You’ve brought far more than an ability to draw but brought your own flavour/identity and an ability to explain the complex in a clear way. Not too much detail and not too little. You have really added value to our training material, and I genuinely believe there will be pressure ulcers avoided and/or dealt with earlier as a result.”

Mark Bowtell, Principal Clinical Scientist, PUPIS Operational Lead, Rehabilitation Engineering Unit, Specialist Rehabilitation Centre, Morriston Hospital

Clients include:

Ethos/How I work:

Usage rights to all commissioned graphics are included, under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

This means that you can use and repurpose the graphics you’ve commissioned for whatever you want, forever, for free. Just credit me in the appropriate place – To my mind the more the graphics are used and the further they travel the more difference they can make, for everyone.

In addition when graphics are created from participants’ ideas and discussions, the resulting Intellectual Property is collective and should be a common property.

Alternative modes of payment, e.g. barter, skill-swap, time-bank credits, etc are welcome by prior arrangement.

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