Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

I listen to the presentations or workshops and pick out key points, or feedback from the participants or facilitators. I create large scale graphics of the points; a graphic recording of the event.

How do you do that?

It’s a combination of a few different skills:

  • listening
  • identifying important points
  • organising the layout
  • maintaining a good visual vocabulary
  • drawing

as well as a lot of practice.

What happens to the graphics afterwards?

The graphics will be scanned and digital copies made available to you which you can share. The original graphics can be returned to you after scanning if you would like them.

Some event organisers like to send the originals to their speakers.

Can I take a photo?

Yes you are welcome to photograph and share the graphics as they develop.

How do I introduce you?

Participants are usually very curious about what I am doing with my giant sheet of paper and pens so it can be helpful to explain my role and invite them to view and photograph the graphics as they emerge through the event. Something along these lines works well:

Helen Frost will be graphically recording the key points from our event today, so please take a minute to have a look or take some photos during the break. The graphics will be digitised and will be shared with you afterwards.

What about copyright?

I see my work as a creative collaboration with you so I use a Creative Commons Attribution licence (link) unless we agree otherwise. This means that you are free to use the graphics as you wish in the future, provided that you credit my contribution.

How much does it cost?

I like to make sure that I’m offering the best package to fit your needs, so please get in touch and I’d be happy to talk through the options with you.

Other questions?

Please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer.