Get in touch, we’ll talk through how I can help and decide the best options for your event. Then I’ll prepare a quotation based on your needs and agenda.


With the final programme we’ll agree which sessions I graphically record as well as any key themes and hash tags for the event.

On the Day

I arrive an hour before the event starts to prepare and set up. I will need a large flat wall area or board with some space to move around, where I can see and hear the presenter clearly.

Please introduce me, so that participants know what I’m doing in the room and how I’ll be contributing to their event. They are welcome to photograph and Tweet the graphics as they progress.

We can display the completed graphics as the event progresses.


I will take the original graphic recordings to be scanned. I then optimise the images, they will be available in a range of sizes. This usually takes less than 7 days.

After this time the originals can be returned to you, if you would like them. Some organisers send the original graphics of their sessions to the guest speakers, others like to display them in their offices.

If you would like your graphic recordings reformatted afterwards, specifically for use with powerpoint, as banners or posters I charge based on a hourly rate without an additional image use fee.