Graphic tools can have a huge impact and significantly increase engagement:

There are loads of ways to use these tools, including strategic illustration, conference stands, wall templates, tablesheets, ideas and graffiti walls:

Strategic Illustration

Large scale hand drawn graphics are an exciting and involving way to share and develop organisational values and behaviours, especially as part of larger processes of strategic or cultural change. Nuanced ideas and responsive graphics are a great tool in support of change processes.

Conference Stands

Using live drawing at event stands generates lots of interest, with participants gathering around the stand to contribute their challenges or ideas and view others’ contributions as they are drawn, or shared on social media. This technique also gathers valuable data and insight into the topic, so people are keen to sign up to receive a copy of the graphics. Sharing the digitised graphics is a high value follow-up after the event.

Wall Templates and Table Sheets

These are an important tool for facilitators everywhere but they can be time consuming and a real pain to create without the right equipment to hand, and bad or confusing templates can derail even the best process.

I can create tablesheets, templates and customised stickers to work with your process and reflect the needs of your participants whilst incorporating event or organisational branding. So you can focus on your process and participants.

Ideas and Graffiti Walls

Directly inviting contributions from participants can produce stunning and often unexpected results. These work best when there is someone there to invite responses to a clear question or prompt.